We believe that troubled teenagers are more likely to change positively within a supportive environment where they are able to cultivate healthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre (RTC) is designed to provide a nurturing home setting where our residents are able to experience a sense of belonging, love and safety, with the care and support by our residential staff (‘mentors’) and counselors.

Value-based System

DaySpring RTC helps each girl progress through a six-phase ‘values-based’ system. This is designed to help a resident take positive control of her life, moving from being controlled by others to self-control.

Within each level are a set of requirements the resident must complete before she is eligible to advance to the next level. The requirements for each level incorporate all aspects of treatment. The levels are: Safety, Expectation, Connection, Discovery, Insight, Integrity, and Interdependence.

Counselling and Group Work

We aim to involve and build positive partnerships with each girl’s family, school and social network as these relationships can potentially reinforce or hinder her progress. We use a ‘team-based approach’ where all the staff and counselors work with each resident to help her achieve her therapeutic goals. Each week, a resident will undergo individual counseling and participate in daily group therapy. Residents and staff have regular ‘community meetings’ where residents set their own weekly goals, with the encouragement and affirmation from the staff and fellow residents.